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Using Costco for baby shower

Has anyone used or been to a shower where they used costco for the food? We are thinking about doing this for my shower and I wanted to get some input on it. I am trying to keep the costs down and we are going to have somewhere between 30-40 people around lunch time. TIA

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Re: Using Costco for baby shower

  • We have a Sam's here and I've used it for showers before.  I got all the fruit and veggies and cut them up myself for trays, got a big bag of cheese cubes, frozen quiches, and I can't really remember what else.  I do know that making fruit/veggie trays yourself will really save a lot of money.
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  • A lot of the food for my brother's co-ed shower for about 60 was from Costco.  The main course was provided by a catering hook-up, but most of everything else was from Costco:

    Rolls & butter
    Shrimp Tray & cocktail sauce
    Veggie Tray
    Hummus & Pita Chips
    Crab Dip & Crackers
    Mango Salsa & Tortilla Chips
    All the wine/beer/soda/bottled water

    There's also the sandwich wraps that are popular and can work for a casual lunch.  Not to mention, you can cut up those giant cheese blocks and serve with crackers and grapes for a pretty display.  They also have giant tubs of spinach dip which could work well in bread bowl from the bakery.

    Costco has cakes at a great price.
    But I like the idea of doing a dessert buffet with all their goodies: mini brownies, cookies, strawberries etc.

    Oh, and I've also been to showers with frozen lasangas and tossed salads courtesy of Costco too.  :)


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  • I love Costco.  Their bakery and deli is very good, so I would be more than pleased as a guest to have food from them.  Go for it.  They have nice trays of fruit, veggies, sandwich wraps, and other party platters. 
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  • Costco is awsome for food!  I say go for it!
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  • I know their cakes are really good.  I'm for anything that will save time and money.
  • Costco cakes are my FAVORITE!!!!!!!! Seriously - best cakes ever. They have great food, too. Go for it!!  Yes
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  • Why not, they make everything in bulk anyway and have fruit, cheese, meat, and sandwich platters which would be perfectly fine to serve at a baby shower. People use this all the time for family gatherings, b'day parties, ect. I say go for it!
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  • Whenever we have a shower we usually do get a lot of food from Costco.  We really like their pinwheel sandwiches and also the croissant platter. 
  • SO...Sams Club or Costco???
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