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Where can I find tattoos?

I had a couple tattoos from a goody bag from a party, and now my DD is obsessed with tattoos.  I'm not quite sure where I can find them though?

I was thinking Michaels, the craft store, might have a few, but I'm not even sure where to look.  Some princess or Dora ones might be good, or anything toddler appropriate.

Does the grocery store or CVS possibly have them?  I've never really thought about this before!

Re: Where can I find tattoos?

  • All the party store have them with the themed party stuff if you're looking for specific characters.  They usually also have them in the favors section.

    FYI - last year I got halloween tattoos at King Soopers (local grocery store) for 75% off.  (A package of 15 boxes with several halloween tattoos in each box)

    I stocked up and I'm using them for handing out at home as well as all the parties (school, etc) that we're going to.

    Keep an eye out after Halloween this year! 

    Tattoos are always a big hit with this crowd and are great for rewards too! 

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  • Party City or another party-supply store.

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  • I got some real cute ones at Dollar Tree
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  • dollar tree, dollar general, family dollar, walmart

    most stores carry them


  • michael's has them.

    just ask

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