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toddler girls & diaper changes....

My DD#1 (27 months old) has recently started saying "owie" when wiping during diaper changes, and trys to clamp her legs shut.  I am having a hard time determining if this is because it is a cold wipe and her vagina/clitoris is sensitive and so she say's "owie" because she doesn't use the word "cold" appropriately yet (everything, hot or cold is "hot" to her).  Or if she has a UTI/yeast infection.  She hasn't said "owie" when peeing, which I would assume she would if there was buring/pain.  And she doesn't appear to have any abnormal discharge that would indicate a yeast infection.  She occasionally has some exterior redness but it usually clears up in a day or two with diaper cream. 

Any other mom's have experience with this situation? Did your DD have a UTI or yeast infection?  I've discussed with her PCP who says she would have the typical cottage cheese discharge, but what if it is a UTI and how to you collect pee from a toddler who isn't potty trained yet to test the urine?  She doesn't take prolonged baths with bubble bath either which I know can cause irritation for girls.


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Re: toddler girls & diaper changes....

  • I have no knowledge on girl parts (other than my own)

    But FWIW, my boy says "Ouchie" or "Owie" any time he doesn't like something that we're doing to him, including diaper changes.  My guess is that she just doesn't know how to verbalize, "Pardon me, Mother, but I prefer you refrain from changing my soiled diaper at this time."  :)

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  • Ellie went through a phase where she clamped her legs and fought us from trying to wipe her.  She used to say she didn't want us to "do the tickle."  I think that was just her way of saying she was sensitive there and she didn't like the sensation of being wiped.  She has never had any sort of infection so far.  Eventually she got over it and we were able to return to normal diaper changes.
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  • DD1 is close in age to your toddler, and she has been acting similarly.  She says "hurt" sometimes during diaper changes, but there is little (if any) redness and no discharge or other signs of infection.

    I'm guessing that some of it is the cold wipes, and some of it is was BB said - they just don't know how to vocalize their displeasure another way.

    DD1 is 3, DD2 is 1.
  • When my DD had a UTI her pee diapers smelled horrible.  I took one in with me to the pediatrician and he also suspected UTI.  My DD had to have a catheter to collect urine for testing. It was not a fun experience but she got the proper meds and started feeling better right away. I hope your little one just isn't a fan of the wipes.



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  • We recently went through something similar - my daughter winced and said 'ow' while peeing on the toilet (note that she's not fully potty-trained yet, but we're working on it). She has had a long issue with redness in her bum so we decided to take her in and get it checked out. Turns out, there was no UTI and no reason for worry. 

    They did take a urine sample by basically taping a plastic bag around her genitals and then putting the diaper back on. (It's specially designed for the purpose.) We hung out in the doctor's office for a while, reading books and sipping water and waiting for her to pee. She was a real little trooper and handled it really well, even when the doctor took a swab from her butt to double-check for a strep infection. 

    AND, finally, my daughter hates having her butt wiped. I think she's just got better things she would rather be doing...

    Good luck! 

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  • My DD clamps her legs and says "ouch" or "boo boo" when I try to change her diaper, too.. I was thinking the same thing.. ugh.  She's just about 23 months.


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