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Moms of girls please come in...

If your daughter has a play kitchen (or son for that matter) what age did you get it for them? And at what age would you say they really enjoyed it?  baby cheapskate posted it as one of the most played with toys from ages 13 months to 24 months today. I was debating getting one for DD for Christmas, but had decided to wait until next Christmas when she was 2. Then I read that. Thoughts?
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Re: Moms of girls please come in...

  • DD got hers when she as 20 months.  She really started playing with it when she was 2 and still loves playing with it now.
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  • She received hers around 1, loved it, played off and on, but by 2 and a quarter she was much more into cooking for real in the kitchen and had much less interest.
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  • DD received hers when she was about 20 months old. She's 4.5 now and it still gets very frequently play. When she was little, a lot of it was about just opening the doors and playing with the dishes. Now, she makes restaurants and does a lot more elaborate pretend play with it. I'm so glad we splurged and got a larger sized model.
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  • We got DD one off a neighbor ($90 set for $20!) this summer.  DD was/is 3 and loves it.  
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  • DS got his at 20 months. He gives it relatively heavy use. DD just noticed it a few weeks ago. She has pulled up on it and opened some cabinets a few times, but it doesn't really hold her interest yet. I would wait until next year, unless you are ok with your DS getting more use out of it for a while.
  • DS got his play kitchen for Christmas, three months before he turned two. He adored it! He still plays with it now, but he probably played with it the most between two and three years old. Now when he plays kitchen, it's mostly assembling food for a picnic or "grocery shopping"'s not really a lot of pretend cooking like it used to be.

  • 13 months seems awful young to me!  We have one from ppk and DD is just now starting to use it...though it isn't that often!
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  • Ours was a hand-me-down so I don't know where it was purchased, but we got it when my older one was like a year and a half and it's been constantly used without a break since. Both were in love with it from the time they could walk, so I'd definitely do it now.
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  • We got it for DD1's second birthday. She played with it a ton then, less so now, but still a good amount. DD2 has been playing with the play food ever since she could crawl (her favorite toys for the longest time were the two strawberries from the M&D fruit set), and started playing with the kitchen when she started walking (at nine months). I'd say they both play with it a couple times a week, but they have a lot of other toys competing for their attention too.

    I think you'd get a lot of playtime out of it whether you buy it this year or a year from now.

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  • My girls got theirs when they were 20 months old, it was a hand me down toy from my SIL. They played with it some, but didn't really start playing with it until they were 2 1/2 and their pretend play started really happening. They turned 3 in July and it is played with every single day and I expect them to continue to play with it until they are about 5. My BFF's daughter has the same kitchen and she plays with hers every day and she is 4 1/2. Her 7 year old doesn't play with it anymore, but she played with it when she was 5.

    I wouldn't worry about it this year, but next year it would be a great gift for a 2 year old. They can be pricey so check out yardsales and craigs list in your area and see if you can find a great deal. I plan on putting mine out to a yard sale when they are done with it, as long as it is still together, which I think it will be.

  • I think I got her one at around 1at a rummage sale.  She plays with it alot and now it is more like a supermarket(money, cash register)
  • DD got hers right before she turned two for Christmas.  She has played with it consistently since then.
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  • My IL's got DD hers for her 1st Christmas (she was only 6 mos). It's one of the smaller ones that lights up and makes sounds. She was interested in it then, but relaly unable to play or understand it. Within the last year she has started to enjoy it a lot more. She "cooks" a lot with me, while I'm in the kicthen. I bring it in and she plays while I cook.

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  • Hey Trizzie!  We got Emerson hers at two years but, she really didn't play with it until recently.

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  • both dd's LOVE it-  we got the grand walk in off of craigslist for Christmas last year.  My youngest wasn't even a year yet and she loved it too. They played w/ it everyday for a loooooooooong time, then there was a little lul, now they play w/ it again a lot.


  • We got ours for DD when she was about 2.5 (at Christmas) and she LOVED it.  She still plays with it at 4.5 and now our younger DD (who just turned 2)  has been playing with it since about 1.5.  Such a great investment!!
  • DD is 3. She got her play kitchen last Christmas (she was 2.5).
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  • Thanks everyone! I am leaning towards getting it this Christmas because I know DS would play with it too (he LOVES to "cook"). I appreciate the feedback!!!
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