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TTC Couples - Hot Springs

My husband & I have been TTC for over a year now. I'm looking to connect with other couples that are going through the same thing and are in my area. I think it would be helpful to have someone nearby to talk to about similar problems. Thanks. :)
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Re: TTC Couples - Hot Springs

  • I'm not from Hot Springs but the hubs and I go often. Big Smile We have been trying for over a year too. I was just diagnosed with PCOS and we have our first appoitment with the RE on Thursday. I am always availiable if you need to chat. Here is my e-mail [email protected] Its a rough road, it helps to have someone that understands. I am in that same boat.

  • Thanks. We just got the results of the hubby's SA (all normal) and now waiting for AF so I can have a HSG test done. I'm very impatient and wish we could fast forward and have a baby. ::sigh:: It's nice to have people who understand all the things you're going through!
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