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New use for unused puppy pads!

I've seen lots of posts about mommas who let their LOs hang out in their birthday suits.  LO does love to be naked and he could def use some time to air out his little hiney with his eczema.  We have a huge box of puppy pads leftover from when we were training our dog.  I spread out a few of those bad boys and let LO play for almost 45 minutes!  He peed twice and it was no big deal.  Two years ago, when I bought those pads, I would never have imagined what they would really be used for. LOL
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Re: New use for unused puppy pads!

  • Haha I've put puppy pads out when we needed to help DS poop. (He had some issues in the beginning.) Hmmm, I have some pads left over from the hospital...guess who gets naked time tonight! lol

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  • I'm glad we're not the only ones who did this. DD first week home, DH had never changed a diaper before, so she would pee on the floor when he changed her. I love these for "naked time" after bathtime!
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  • I've been using them for a looooong time with LO lol. Well, first I used it on my seat when I drove to the hospital after my water broke. Then I used them on the changing table with LO. It's helped me not wash stuff so much when he's had accidents while we're changing him. :)
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