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currently i am a hefty girl.. weighing in at a little over 230 lbs... i need to loose some weight, and my favorite form of exercise is Zumba... is it really safe for me to be doing at 6 weeks??? is there anything else that will help me loose the weight? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Many doctors say aim at maintaining your weight, if you are obese during pregnancy. Some say losing is ok. I would say ask your OB.

    The general rule is: It's OK to do whatever exercise you did prior to pregnancy. If you ran, then keep running. If you did nothing, then stick to walking.

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  • You're still skinny to some of us!  Like the PP said, think about it as more of maintaining your level of weight during the PG...  Each pound you put on is one you need to take off later.  It's just simply about making good choices.  Remember though that you will put on some weight, but focus on keeping it reasonable in terms of your food intake and such.  Also, if your weight starts to really balloon out of control for no reason, have an endocrinologist run a thyroid panel on you (if you're borderline, start meds! - I had that happen in late PG with DD and it took them almost four years to figure out that's what happened and explained a lot of weight issues even pre-PG).. 

    When it comes to the gym/Zumba, the important thing is "Don't train like a knucklehead!" whether you're pregnant or not, "LISTEN to your body!"  If you follow those two things, you'll very rarely lose time working out due to injury or illness. 

    If you need to back off on your workout on any given night, that's FINE!  Show up, make hay when the sun shines, and back off to what level your body is able to do on any given day (which will vary).  The longer you hold in maintaining your level of fitness, the better.  I had a NBR complication that took me out of training my normal 5x/week since the early part of September and if anything I'm counting down the days of the PG so I can get back into my normal training routine to have some energy again. 

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