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My 5 month old got kicked of daycare...

...for having the flu that they so nicely gave him!  So, we picked him up early yesterday and I'm spending the day at home with a sick baby.  Ugh.... I thought he was doing better until his whole bottle ended up on me after he burped and then a couple of hours later....the other end.  Yuck!!!

 He's kept down a couple of ounces of formula for an hour now and he's playing and talking to himself in his crib right now, so hopefully he's beginning to feel better. 

He's been in day care for almost two months and the only time he hasn't been sick was the first week.  I know, I know....he's building up his immunities, but seriously?!  :) 

Here's to a poopy and pukey day!  Happy Friday!

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Re: My 5 month old got kicked of daycare...

  • UGHH.  I feel ya.  Ella keeps getting a stoopid cough.  I swear that just when it ends, it comes again.  I said to DH just the other day that I feel like they spend all this time getting her sick.  And I don't think they send kids home soon enough!

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  • The infant room at our daycare is one big pile of snot right now (including my boys...and me).

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  • Poor guy :/  Hope he feels better soon!
  • Unfortunately, my experience with daycare has been that Oct-April absolutely SUCK in the sickness department.  Once the Spring hits, it seems like we get a couple of good months with no illness, but even still, he had a bad cold at the end of the summer. Bah!

    Hope your LO starts feeling better soon!

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  • Hope he feels better! I am dreading cold and flu season because I ate up my sick leave during maternity leave and will probably have to take some unpaid days off if DD gets sick.
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  • Oh my gosh, poor baby and poor you! It really sucks to see your baby sick, I know.

    My pedi recommended only pedialyte, and only 1 tablesppon at a time, every 5 minutes for an entire hour, when she's puking(she's been stomach sick twice now).  Then two ounces every 30 minutes.  No milk for 4 hours.  In case he gets sick again.  Hopefully he's all better now.

  • My poor DS has a lIttle cold rIght now too. But I was the one who gave It to hIm. The joys of beIng a teacher! 
  • imageeveram01:
    The infant room at our daycare is one big pile of snot right now (including my boys...and me).

    Ditto that.  It sucks.  DS1 was sick ALL the was horrible.  Knock on wood--DS2 has been a bit healthier than DS1 was at this time.


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