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Tips on dealing with DH?

DS still hasn't gotten attached to anyone but me and DH is starting to lose it.  I EBF and SAH.  He reaches for me when he is upset and DH is holding him.  I have tried leaving him at home alone with the baby and DH does baths every night, but it doesn't seem to be working.

What else can I do?

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Re: Tips on dealing with DH?

  • I think it's just something that will come. Until she was about 5m actual, LO often cried when DH came home and said hello to her. It discouraged him a bit, too. But recently he has been able to start playing some games with DD (taking her hand in his mouth and sucking and then letting it slip back out with a "popping" noise, for example), and now whenever he gets home he gets a big old smile and she immediately tries to shove her hand in his mouth. I think as long as he's spending time and interacting with your DS that he'll come around!

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