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If you have started solids...

If you have started solids, what does your feeding schedule look like? How much formula or breast milk is LO getting a day?

B is still eating 30oz of formula (5 bottles of 6oz) plus 3tbs of oatmeal in the morning and a container of Gerber veggies in the evening... I feel so clueless though about how much of everything he should be getting!

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Re: If you have started solids...

  • We just started last week. So far, she's taking 30-32 oz a day (which hasn't changed since we started, 4-8 oz bottles) and then she gets one meal after her 2nd bottle of the day (around 11-11:30) So far, we've just done a few tbsps of avocado and bananas. I haven't moved on from there yet. We aren't doing any cereal at all.

    The solids are more for practice so make sure LO maintains that 30 oz a day. I think my pedi says anywhere from 28-32 oz is standard for awhile.  

    www.wholesomebabyfood.com is a really great resource.  HTH.

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  • My LO is almost 6 months. She gets 5-6 oz bottles a day usually every 2 1/2- 3 hours. In the morning around 930ish she gets a fruit. She has tried all the Stage 1 Foods so far...bananas, pears, peaches, apples. She LOVES them all thank god!

    At around 5:30 pm she gets her veggie with a tablespoon of cereal. She has also had all the Stage 1 veggies.....carrots, peas, green beans, sweet potatoes and squash. She loves them all as well!!

    For her bottle feedings usually it is as follows:

    8:00 am, 10:30 am, 1:30 pm, 4 pm and 6:30. Bed is at 7.

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  • We started about 3 weeks ago.

     DD was getting first bottle around 6:45 (5 oz)

    Second bottle 10 AM (5 oz)

    Third bottle 1 PM (5 oz)

    Fourth bottle 4 PM (5 oz)

    Solids, 2-4 table spoons now (5:30 PM)

    Fifth bottle 7:15ish (6 oz)

    ---Just recently, this week DD's 1st and third bottles are also 6 oz's.  So now every other bottle is a 6oz, then 5 oz, total went from 26 oz to 28 oz.  In a week or so we are starting her on lunch, probably will be between second and third bottles, I think.... 

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  • Oh and so far she has had whole grain cereal, avocado, sweet potato, peas, and mangos.  The peas were her least favorite, but I think the texture was too lumpy.  (I am making my own food for the most part)
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  • Jack eats about 25-30oz of formula a day, and then he will eat an entire gerber veggie container or half of a pack of the squeezable ella's organic food which he likes way more than the gerber stuff. I make sure he gets the same amount of formula but the food just tops him off for the day. He can sit there and put back like 10oz of formula and still be hungry so we started him with food about 2 weeks ago. 

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