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Honey, I am so sorry about your year.  I had a similar one a year or so back, and some people will actually questioned me or flat out said "If you did not have the pics, I'd think this was fiction".  If you get that, just ignore it, and put one foot in front of the other.

For the Bell's Palsy, you might want to pick up some sterilized eye pads (not cottony) or streilzed wound pads (like for a big cut), fold it gently over your eyelid, and put the tape over that.  It avoids getting tape on eyelids, and keps your eye shut at night better.  It is called pressure patching.  It will also help with dry eye, runny eye. If you need eyedrops, or feel like your vision is blurry, don't worry.  Many people get dry eye--a symptom of which is an eye that waters ( the water and oils needed for the eye are rolling down your face)  and blurred vision.  A really good, no preservative brand is Refresh Plus in the single vials, not the eye dropper.  The dropper has irritating preservatives.

With that said, I am so sorry about the Bell's.  It will go away, but that must be scary.  Iknow about the eye stuff because I spent 8 years in and out of eye surgeries meant to correct a LOD accident that forever changed my eyes. With Bells, comfort is more the issue with the affected eye--I promise it WILL go away.   I am thinking of you.  Much love, Jill 

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  • Thanks Jill. We are going to get a patch today because I am having double vision issues... especially with the computer.  And nothing will get in the way of me and my computer!!

  • Brooke, I had bells palsy when I was 17. Yes, it totally sucks but it is temporary. I also rec. the eye patch. It took about 3 months for my face to be normal again. ((HUGS))
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