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I need help! This is getting dangerous! (Transitioning beds)

Ok. This is kind of a repost from 3-6 month board.
But I'm going to make it a little less complicated.

DS has been sleeping in his RnP since he was 3 weeks old.
He is now trying to escape it: turning around and laying on his stomach, getting on his knees and trying to crawl out, sitting up in it.
We have been trying to transition him into his PnP for a while without success.
We have tried swaddling, but he breaks out. We have tried inclining the mat with a pillow, we have tried rolling blankets and putting them beside him so he feels more secure but he pushes them out...

What do we do?!? Help please.

(We've tried CIO and he will cry for 2+ hours, and yes, we go in there an console him, we do not just shut the door on him)
I'm not too concerned about him STTN, I just want him to FALL asleep in his PnP!


Re: I need help! This is getting dangerous! (Transitioning beds)

  • Read Ferber's book.  Letting him cry without a plan of action will always be a fail.  You need a REAL plan, and you need to be consistent.

    His current sleeping situation needs to change tonight. No looking back. Like you said, the RnP is no longer a safe place for him to sleep. 


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  • LO started doing this last month and we had pack away the RnP :(   Until you can get the transition down make sure you're buckling him in.  

    The PnP transition wasn't very successful for us because LO would roll around and slide into the middle kind of dip area of the PnP.  We had to put him down when he was TOTALLY out and then once he woke up we usually ended up cosleeping the rest of the night.

    This probably isn't encouraging, or much help, but I guess just make sure that he's buckled? 

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  • put him in the PnP asleep for a few nights, and then try getting him to fall asleep on his own in it once he has had some time to adjust.
  • Have you seen this product? It might work, as it creates a little nest around baby like the RnP does. http://www.lifenest.com/
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