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How much tummy time

How old is your DC & how much tummy time do you do in a day?

DD is 2 months old &gradually getting stronger & will stay on her tummy for longer, but I still only do it like 3 or 4 times a day, well, depending on how long she tolerates it, etc.  Just curious what others are doing?

Re: How much tummy time

  • We actually don't do much tummy time.  Because he had neck control almost immediately and was rolling over soon thereafter, we are trying not to encourage additional strength until he is closer to the appropriate milestone age (which is getting closer now!!).  He doesn't tolerate it well either. 

  • I try to put him on his tummy every time we're on the floor to play, even if it's just a few minutes.  I'll also turn him over sometimes when I change his diaper and his clothes.  He still doesn't like it too much, but lasts much longer and is getting stronger every day. 

    He also seemed to like being held sitting up or up on my shoulder at that age (maybe a couple weeks older).  It gave him a chance to practice those head holding skills and get a new point of view!

  • DD is almost 4 months.  We do tummy time 4-5 times per day for as long as she will tolerate it (she's not a big fan at all).  We started when she was a week old because the Pedi said she'd be more tolerant of it if we started right away, but DD has hated it from day one and is much more vocal about it as she gets bigger. 

    We should probably be doing it more because she's a little behind and has torticollis.


  • My pedi told us to do it at least 4x/day. I usually put her on her tummy for a few minutes every time we get on the floor to play. I also put her on her tummy in the morning when I get her dressed and after bathtime so I can brush her LONG crazy hair! lol I always roll her onto her back if she seems to not like it anymore.
  • She was lifting her head & rolling side to side the 1st week, but pedi still says more.  I've started to think they just say that to everyone.
  • She is 2 months old. We just started doing it more often. She has had really good neck control.

    She hated being on the mat/floor etc. Now that she'll tolerate it, we've been doing it at least 2x a day, but she sleeps on her belly too.?

  • i should probably add that I put her over my shoulder & have her "sitting" up so she can practice holding her head up.?

    i also don't try to it if she's tired because she'll just fuss & put her head down.?

  • Emerson would do nothing but scream when I put her on her tummy so we didn't do it very much at all but, she was turning both ways at 6 mo and I can put her on her bottom and she'll sit up unassisted for as long as I leave her there (has been for a bout three weeks.)  I'm not really sold on the whole tummy time thing.
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