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Nursing pads

This is a whole new territory now!  I'm totally lost... do any you BF'ing moms have recommendations for nursing pads?  Are the disposable ones better than the reusable ones?  Is one brand better than others?


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  • I've always used the disposable lasinoh ones
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    I've always used the disposable lasinoh ones

    same here, i use those for when i leave the house and i use the reusable medela ones at night - they dont work as well but i didn't like all the waste of the disposables

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  • At first I used the washable ones, and they didn't work well.  I leaked all over some shirts!  So I bought the disposable Lansihoh ones and they worked great! 
  • There is a girl on etsy that sells washable custom nursing pad with PUL on one side to keep it from leaking through on your clothes.  PUL is the stuff they use on the outside of cloth diapers (pockets and all-in-ones) to keep them waterproof.  They are quite trim.  I bought some from her but sold them when I stopped nursing.

    Go to if you are interested this is her store:

    She mostly makes cloth diapers but convo her and ask her about her nursing pads!

  • I have terribly sensitive skin & the disposable ones (Medela & the ones from the hospital) were itchy & made me break out in a rash.  I've tried the washable ones from Medela, Lansinoh & Motherhood & like the Lansinoh & Motherhood ones the best as far as comfort.  I've only had leaking problems a few times at night b/c DD is sleeping longer stretches now.  I'm tempted to check out the ones lillyvalley rec'd too...
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