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1 year ago today...

...I lost my baby. It's overwhelming to think about how much has changed in just one year. I am so blessed to have my Avery here with me. I want to do something today to remember her angel "sister".

Just curious, do you honor your lost baby on the date of your m/c or on your EDD of that pregnancy??

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  • so sorry  - it is a hard day on those dates

    on my EDD mh wrote me a nice poem about everything that happend, other than that we haven't done anything, just sad days :(

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  • We've been through the EDD twice and this year I just took some time to think about it quietly.  Ironically, the EDD was the same day as my PP appointment for Kate so I did my thinking while on the train.  We do have a small memory box for the baby and an angel of remembrance figurine in our bedroom.   

    DH and I still talk about the loss from time to time...the pain has lessened but I don't think it is something we will ever be over. 

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  • It's kinda a funny feeling, isn't it?  We now have these beautiful babies, but there will always be thoughts of what life would've been with our angel babies.  I've spent a lot of time recently thinking about the m/c, probably because around this time last year was when I got my bfp with Ben.   It still makes me sad though. 

    I'm definitely a "date" person, so I talked about the loss on both dates.  My husband, not so much.  I did buy a Christmas ornament last year in honor of our little angel so it'll be nice to have that little angel hanging there on the tree this year. 

  • I'm sorry.  I got past my EDD last year knowing I was pregnant and I said an extra  prayer and did some self reflection (it did help that I was in Maui!). 

    I got past the day I lost my pregnancy seeing my belly grow and loving my baby that much more.  

  • I will be thinking about you today. I think about my angel baby all the time, but especially on the date of my m/c and the baby's EDD.  My m/c anniversary was October 10, only 5 days before my little Jack was born.  I still mourn the loss but know that I wouldn't have this little boy if not for my loss.

    Sending you HUGS

  • My 1st EDD was actually last week, 14years ago.  I can tell you that even though that was not a planned pregnancy & I was a mix of relief & guilt & grief when I m/c'd all those years ago...  I still think about who that baby would have been.  The m/c right before this pregnancy - the EDD was the same date as my grandparents' wedding anniversary, so that day was hard & the 1 year anniversary of that m/c was also hard.  I have never done anything special for any of these dates except to reflect on them & know I will always have a special place in my heart for those babies.
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