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when to start getting stuff?

Hi I am Becki. My family is a blending family, this child being my husband first blood child. I do have a 10yr old from getting pregnant at an early age. Needless to say things didnt work out with him. Anywho, my husband and I were wondering when is the best time to start buying things? I am a planner, meaning I want to go ahead and start getting stuff like diapers and a crib and stuff. However, my husband says I am only heading into my 2nd trimester and it is way to early. Can anyone off some advise, because I realy dont want to wait till the last minute to get everything.


Re: when to start getting stuff?

  • Hi and welcome.

    The sooner the better. What if you have to go on bedrest? Don't you want to spread out paying for things? Are you having a shower? If so, don't you want to register? Wouldn't you want to do this when you're feeling pretty good, vs late in the pregnancy?

    Have fun!

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