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Teeth anyone?

Any LOs have teeth yet??  just curious :-)  

Re: Teeth anyone?

  • DS is starting to get one.  We noticed last week that his gum was starting to open up where it was.  10 days later and I can just see the top of the tooth sticking out.  I keep waiting for it to come all the way up so I can take a picture.    Luckily it hasn't been bothering him too much.
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  • Westin got a tooth at 5 months, 2 days. Its sooo cute.  I took apic, I havent downloaded it yet.  I am fairly sure tooth #2 is on its way.
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  • yes ds has his front 2 bottom teeth

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  • AJ cut her two bottom ones on her 4 month birthday:(
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  • Caitlin has had her bottom two since a week or two before her 4 month check up. 


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  • Isaac cut two bottom teeth at 4months 2 weeks.
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  • Carter has his 2 bottom teeth.  And his 3rd one is coming in!
  • Georgia is getting two bottom teeth and a molar.
  • yes- dd has two bottom teeth and is getting one on the top as we speak... A LOT quicker than I planned.
  • Jack got a tooth at 3 months and 3 weeks. That sucker hurts when he bites!
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