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Home birth?

Has anyone here done a home birth?  We are in the process of interviewing midwives and would love some hear some of your recs  if you've gone this route or are in the process of using a midwife.  Thanks!
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Re: Home birth?

  • I am curious--did you enter into midwifery care for a home birth?  If so, how was your experience?
  • I'm currently under the care of a midwife and plan to deliver at home in April. So far, so good!

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  • I had a home birth with my first (a 10lb 2oz little boy) on January 21, 2010 and I am planning to do the same with my little girl before the end of this month. My suggestion is to be sure that you find a midwife that you are very comfortable around (should feel like family) and that your husband supports your decision. Right before I had my son I was in early labor and my husband kept asking if I was sure I could do this... besides being annoying, it really made me second guess myself. He is a wonderful man who is always supportive, but at 3am when I am wandering around the house moaning he was a little less than perfect. He has promised that this time he wont even ask that stupid question. If this is your first, just remember that it will hurt a lot but it is pain for a purpose! As soon as my son was delivered the pain went away and it all felt like a distant memory. Remember that you were created to give birth and you are so much stronger than you think you are!
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