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Weird rash on chest and upper belly

Have any of you ladies ever had a non-itchy rash on your chest and belly?

It barley itches (I am not complaining haha) and just looks splotchy. I am not sure if it's something I should call my doctor about, have any of you had something similar to this?



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Re: Weird rash on chest and upper belly

  • Is it where you bra line is? Like under your boobs kind of?
    If so it may be a yeast type rash that is treatable with athlete's foot cream (it's class B, so safe), or you can put a bit of baby powder there in the morning.
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  • YES! I've had this for weeks now.  I switched to Dove Sensitive Skin body wash and it seems to help out a little.  It's almost like my skin got extra sensitive during the pregnancy! Very weird.  Not that sexy either, lol. 
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  • Are you on any medication you might be developing an allegic reaction to?  It could be hives from anything you've eaten to a new soap you could be allergic to.  I'd keep an eye on it and if it doesn't get better, spreads or becomes itchy, call your Dr., there's always the possibilty it could be PUPPS.
  • Could also be heat rash. Cala-Clear (IDK if we can use while preg tho) will dry it out.
  • I have had spotting under my boobies lol and it gets really itchy especially if I take a hot shower! dont know if this is the same thing, but I think it was my skin stretching. Warm wet rags and lotion helps alot.
  • Try hydrocortisone cream 1%. That is safe during pregnancy. Unless it looks like hives then take Benadryl with hydrocortisone cream. Try not to take too hot of showers and dove sensitive soap will help. Oatmeal baths may help too.

    I noticed more rashes with my boy pregnancies. R u having a boy?

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  • Yep, it is on my chest only. It doesn't each but looks like I broke out. I have tried a few things, but nothing seems to get rid of it completely. I have been told it will go away...but when!!
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  • I have little tiny zit looking things in my cleavage, and I'm pretty sure a skin yeast infection. I've had it before in my cleavage... one of the joys of having really big boobs that get even bigger during pregnancy :)  Any sweat/dirt/dead skin that gets trapped by your bra or from your skin touching can give you a breakout or skin infection. I'm pretty sure mine is so bad from side sleeping all night and my boobs being all smooshed together, I'm normally a stomach or back sleeper. 

    I'm using rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab to dry up the acne, and going to get some athlete's foot cream for the infection part. It usually does the trick for me. Before pregnancy, if I was going to work out, I'd actually use some of the athlete's foot powder spray in my cleavage to prevent the sweat from giving me a rash. 

    Wow... I just realized how sexy I sound right now... lmao!!

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  • I was just on an antibiotic, but I had been on it for a week and the rash didn't develop until the last day of taking it. Also, I have been taking a lot of cranberry pills, but I did that before I was pregnant and never got a rash. It's not a very cute thing to have going on, but as long as it doesn't itch I guess it doesn't bother me...


    Thanks for the tips. (:

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  • Oh and no...we're having a little lady (: Emma Lynn!
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  • I have a red rash in between by boobs and belly as well.  I asked my doctor but she wasn't worried about it since it doesn't itch.  I am having trouble finding anything that helps.  She told me anti-bac ointment like Neosporin. I haven't tried it yet but need too.  Let me know if you find a solution!
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