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Prenatal Yoga in Louisville?

Anyone know of reasonably priced prenatal yoga classes in Louisville?  I've found two yoga studios but am having a hard time justifying $100 a month for 2 classes a week so I'm looking for other options.

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  • I'll be glad to see if you get any suggestions on this question. I'm having the same problem and the two studios I found only offer a Tuesday night class and Saturdays :(
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  • I am also looking for a place to go. Hope some one can give suggestions.
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  • Ditto, but it looks like nobody has any ideas.. Maybe we should get a video and start our own :)
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    As long as you tell the yoga teacher you are pregnant, you don't have to stick to a prenatal class. Just don't do power yoga or hot yoga, those raise you body temp too much. Most yoga positions are fine for early pregnancy (except for head stands) and as you get bigger it's really a matter of what you are comfortable with. Twisting does get harder, but you just have to be aware of your limits. Infinite Bliss, Yoga East, really any ligit studio/teacher, will be able to guide you through a class. Some may request a doctor's note before you go to the first class, if you aren't a regular student. Yoga is GREAT for pregnancy, go for it!
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  • I found a great gym, they offer pre/post natal yoga, and pregnancy pool classes, and also have a ton of other regualr aqua/yoga/pilates classes that you can take like the last person said, just let the instructor know your pregnant. I just signed up this week, and I'm lookinng forward to all the different options.  They also have a regualr gym area, a walkinng track, and a spa on site if you need to get a massage. They also have daycare of you already have kids and will take little ones from 6 weeks on, so you can get right back into after the baby.  I liked it because it was mostly an older is a gym used for physical therapy, so not alot of sterioded up muscle people around.  Called Baptist East Milestone Wellness Center, behiind St. Matthews mall. 75$ a month.  a little pricey, but for unlimited yoga/gym/pool, I think it's not too bad.  Hope this helps
  • Baptist Milestone has a great prenatal class. You don't have to be a member, you can get a pass for ten classes for $100.

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