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Anyone w/older sibling problems?

Specifically 3 year old probs?? Man, I miss the twos. They were AWESOME. The 3's are a beast. Anyone else? Be specific - how do you deal with all you are going through with them?? We just bought a few discipline books on amazon, crossing our fingers..  he's been such a DREAM up til now, we are 100% caught off guard. :(  tear.

Re: Anyone w/older sibling problems?

  • I miss the twos too, but there is a wonderful new world to explore in the threes.  I try to keep Ankaret busy during the day so she can't get into too much trouble...brb, I just heard the fridge open, lol.  I forgot to lock the fridge, it's done now!  When I'm not giving her enough attention, or she gets bored, those are the times she starts misbehaving, and stops listening to me.

    A has definitely started to get jealous of K.  She also knows exactly when I can't intervene in things she's doing.  She waits until I nurse K and then climbs the cupboards, or gets into the fridge.  She also likes to go and wake K up.

    I try to give her as much 1 on 1 time as possible when K is sleeping.  Who cares if the dishes are done when DH gets home, we're all happier if the baby has slept well and A isn't bouncing off the walls.

    We do a lot of arts & crafts: drawing, painting, T-shirt decorating.  We also made bread in a zip lock bag the other day, it kept the mess contained and she got to do most of it herself.

    We get outside once a day, rain or shine, even if it's just a short walk to the mail box. We also go to playgroups often, that way she can spend time with kids her age.    

    I'm also very careful to pick my battles.  Is X,Y,Z really that important to me.  Yes, she has to have her teeth brushed, but she can choose where she sits, and which toothbrush we use (we have 2-3 for her to choose from).  Does she really have to wear her rubber boots? No.  If she gets wet feet she will learn to wear them next time. 

    I'm not sure if I've said anything that will help you in this novel of a reply.  These are just some of the things that I am doing, and they seem to help. 

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  • I'm not there yet, but I feel for you.  I hate the 2's and from what i hear the 3s are worse.  
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  • I shouldn't have opened this post.  I am going to go hang out with my terrible-2-year-old and pretend I never read this. 
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