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Pediatrician, OBGYN, Westland Academy in Knoxville

Hi everyone! We are moving from Nashville to West Knoxville. We are looking for a good pediatrician and OBGYN that would be convenient to West Knoxville. Also we plan to send our 17 month old to Westland Academent. Any thoughts on that daycare? Thanks.

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  • I see Dr. Cottam and Generations OBGYN. They are located in West Knoxville next to Parkwest Hospital. The office is very convenient and the staff is wonderful! We are also going to look at Westland Children's fact, we are going this afternoon. I have heard good things about it. Sorry, no pediatrician yet.


    Hope you enjoy Knoxville!

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  • I use Dr. Saunders at Fort Sanders OBGYN and absolutely love the whole group! They are fabulous, and they have a west Knox location! As for pediatricians, I use Knoxville Pediactric Group.  They also have several locations.  Good luck!
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  • I also go to Generations, but I see Dr. Many.  She is wonderful, and I love all the people who work there!
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  • Dr. Roberts, who is also by Parkwest is great as well.  She is at Contemporary Women's Health.  Hope this helps!
  • We use Knoxville Pediatric Associates. They have a west Knoxville location and they also have Saturday and Sunday hours. I like them a lot so far.


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  • Dr. Yang at Contemporary Women's Health is amazing.  You really can't go wrong with Generations OB or Contemporary Women's Health.
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