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what types of solids do u give a 10 month old

she has a few teeth and she eats her cereal, fruit , veggies, yogurt. she likes cheese I have tried farina and pastina but she wasn't crazy for either yet. And i cut some roni's up the other night small and she seemed to really enjoy but it had alittle sauce and my mom didnt think it was a good idea so....? any suggestions

Thanks Christina

Re: what types of solids do u give a 10 month old

  • Anything we eat that isn't too spicy, really, he's a table food fanatic at this point. If you're not comfortable using tomato sauce in his food (we've done so without issue) Ronan also likes to have pasta tossed with some sort of veggie puree as a "sauce" of sorts. So far his favorites are toast/grilled cheese sandwiches (he's a bread junkie) steamed green beans, sweet potatoes, chicken, pieces of pork chop, cheese (so far he's shown a bit more of an appetite for white cheeses, but won't turn down good ol cheddar) ham, carrots, corn, pears, pineapple, any sort of pasta (we keep the gerber pasta pick ups around for when we're in a hurry and this past week I've been having sinus issues and haven't felt up to cooking every meal of the day, his favorite are the chicken and carrot with sweet potato as "sauce", just a tip off there, they're wonderfully convenient) and well, basically anything else, my kid's the true definition of a human garbage disposal, I just have to make sure if I'm gonna feed him bread and something else I put the bread on his tray second, or else that's all he'll eat.
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  • he eats pretty much anything that isn't too spicy or "un-healthy" (like chips, chocolate, deep fried stuff, sugar packed foods)

    his favorites are grilled cheese sandwiches, pasta with any kinda of sauce and fish sticks

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  • We do all that, as well as small pieces of chicken, ground beef, ground turkey. Last night DS stole DD's rice cake and LOVED it. He also occasionally has animal crackers, goldfish, ritz crackers (but only if he's had a good amount of healthy nutritional stuff first). I break up pieces of whatever DD is eating - waffles, pancakes, cereal bars, fish sticks, lentils and beans... etc
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  • My LO is a protein fanatic. She loves turkeyloaf, meat loaf, pork meatballs, pork tenderloin, chicken burgers, and eggs. She also really enjoyed the acorn squash tart I made a couple of days ago. I will let her try pretty much anything we're eating, provided it's soft enough for her to gum. The pork tenderloin that she had yesterday had cumin, cinnamon, chili powder, and Frank's hot sauce on it, and she ate an entire piece. She tries everything we give her and there's not much she won't gobble down.
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  • All kinds of fruits, vegetables, and meat (shredded chicken, pulled pork, ground beef), Nutrigrain bars, crackers, pasta with meat sauce/cheese sauce/pesto, pitas with cheese/meat/vegetables, scrambled or hard boiled eggs, toast, waffles, pancakes, grilled cheese, cheese sticks, yogurt

     Pretty much anything we're eating

  • There is nothing wrong with pasta sauce.  Liam was eating pretty much what we ate at that age.  He quit purees on his own at 8 1/2 months so we had to start table foods and never looked back. 

  • I usually keep cooked pasta, and rice handy.  LO loves red pasta sauce.  I also give LO cut up pasta or rice with any puree mixed in.  We also sprinkle shredded cheese on top.  He also eats mac and cheese, cheese, banana pieces, canned sugar free peaches or pears, cheerios, muffins in pieces, yogart, apple sauce, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, soup, little pieces of meat cooked in the crock pot.  I also give him purees at every meal.
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  • DD was done with purees at 7.5 months and eating anything we ate. Still no teeth.
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