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wanna laugh?

I just went to target and bought:

3 pregnancy tests

1 maternity skirt (crazy maybe but it was 6 dollars and maternity clothes are a rip off)

1 bottle of wine

The girl at the checkout kinda looked at me sideways and half laughed. I felt the need to justify my purchase to her so (I lied) and said, "this (wine) is for if this (HPT) is negative. She was like, "what if you already are but just don't know??" I said, "I know I'm not"

She was like, "how do you know?" and I just laughed and said, "I know".

Why did I lie and tell her I was going to test when I know I haven't even ovulated yet? I don't know. Probably because the idea of explaining that I am pissing on OPK's every day was too much.

Thought you guys might appreciate that.

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Re: wanna laugh?

  • Try buying the wine for DH when you're 9 months pregnant. That's awesome Stick out tongue No excuses there! I just keep my mouth shut. lol
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  • that totally made me "LOL". haha


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  • Haha! That must have been quite a sight. :)
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