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  • image JerkStore213:

    I still haven't shiit yet. I feel like I'm going to explode on the drive home. Thank god a lot of people probably took off today bc of Rosh Hashannah so the traffic should be ridiculous today.

    Guarantee I'll get home and find out my window of opportunity has closed and the poop went back into hiding until who knows when.

    Yeep! I hope you don't poop your pants in the car like I did!!! lol

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  • image RandomPickle:
    Here I go, being vulgar again. I think unshaved vaginas are gross. Not that I see a lot of vaginas, but thinking of them not being shaved makes me gag a little bit. A landing strip is okay though - its like a goatee for your Queen Victoria.

    Really?  I think the opposite.  I don't understand why people shave it off.  I trimmed too short once and it was soooo itchy.  I would never shave or wax.  Yuck.  It's there for a reason. ..... I don't know exactly what that reason is... I think cleanliness or something.... but anyway, it's there for a reason.  Men don't shave down there, why should women? 

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  • image TobleroneBar:
    I fart at my desk when no one is around....

    I know this is a super late response but... thank you for the chuckle!! hehe heee

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