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Sleep question, think it might help?

Hadley gets so sleepy around 7 or 8 each night and goes to sleep so easy, hard to keep awake, but I try hard to keep her awake until around 9:00 to eat one last time, if I'm succesful she will sleep until about 6:30 or so. Thing is, if I let her go to bed for the night this early, she gets up at 4:00am... If she is just too sleepy to keep awake, I hold her instead of laying her down and gently play with her so she doesn't get too deeply asleep. Think that would help? Or should I just let the poor baby sleep and get up at 4:00?

Re: Sleep question, think it might help?

  • I'm in the same dilema..unfortunately I think its better to let them sleep when they are tired and not keep them up.  Believe me, I dont want to wake up at 4am either, but will they be overtired and hard to get to sleep if we try and keep them up?

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  • You could try letting her go to bed when she's tired around 7 or 8 and then do a dreamfeed around 10 or so before you go to bed, see if that works.
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  • That happens to me often too; I've tried the same thing - keeping her awake, but it never really seems to work. The last few days though my DD has sort of moved away from napping at 5:30/6 and I've been able to get her to nap a little earlier and it has helped with bedtime. Maybe Hadley will move in the same direction soon! Good luck!
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  • I agree that they should sleep when they are tired. Their brains do so much catching up when they sleep. Letting their boddies/brains take over is a wonderful developmental mechanism built right in!
  • I used to try to keep DD up and that just over stimulated her and she didn't sleep any better. The first few nights we put her to bed around 815 she only slept till 430. The last few nights she slept till 530, 630, and 715. So I say put her to bed when tired and eventually she will sleep longer. GL momma!
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