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Mini me...(apparently!)

My husband usually does the daycare drop offs while I do the afternoon pick up, but today he forgot Elena's bottles.  So I said I would swing by and drop them off on my way to work, and I noticed there are different women working there in the am vs pm.  I walk through one of the rooms and greet one of the ladies I haven't met before.  She says "Hi there...are you Elena's mom?"  I say "Yes" and she says "I knew it!  You look JUST like her...well she looks just like YOU anyways!  I could tell right away as soon as I saw you - she's a mini you!"  (she was very excited about this, I am paraphrasing a lot, lol).

But it made my day...  Big Smile

Who does your LO look like? 

Re: Mini me...(apparently!)

  • Em is the perfect mix between us now. She looked like the mini version of DH when she was born, but now she has my eyes and nose! (I think she looks more like me, but no one agrees. )

  • I'd say 75% me, and 25% DH.  I love winning. :)  
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  • Noah looks exactly like me as a baby.

    Elijah looks like a mixture, but mostly DH. 


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  • It's really day by day with us! Some days, DS looks just like DH, and some days he looks just like me. Everyone who meets him says he's a complete blend of both of us.
  • DD mostly looks like DH. But her nose is all me. Most people think she looks exactly like DH though!

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  • Ankaret, our first, looks a lot like DH and even more like MIL.

    Kaitlin looks exactly like my brother when he was a baby, so I'm guessing she'll take after my side of the family a lot more.

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  • Everyone keeps telling me that LO looks just like her daddy and it?s true. She has his eyes,his cheeks and she is just a perfect mini me of her daddy lol  I get so annoyed if everyone I meet tells me she looks like her daddy
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  • me. she's identical. she got DH's head shape and that's all.

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  • DD looks like my baby pictures.  She has DH's eyes and forhead. She has my nose, cheeks, lips, hair and legs (poor thing has my bow legs).
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