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Switching OB at twenty five weeks? Is it possible?

There is a strong possibility DS and I may have to move home while DH leaves on deployment. I will be about twenty five or so weeks :/ is it doable to find an OB that is willin to see u that late? Has anyone experienced this or anything similar? Please help
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Re: Switching OB at twenty five weeks? Is it possible?

  • If it's an OB that takes tricare and they know you're military, they are usually more willing to take you on. Why do you HAVE to move when your DH is gone?
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  • Thanks for the input :) well the way it s working out, my DH will be gone for the birth and we have no family near our duty station. because they have commitments I guess they will not be able to fly out here to stay with me after the birth. I'm having a c section and I could use the help at least while I recover and to help me with DS a that time. Plus, H is in his last year of service and by the time he gets back it will be super close to us having to move back home. We are seeing that this option will be the one that will benefit out family the most. :)
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  • Yep! I moved and switched OB's @ 34 weeks. If they know you are military, and take  tricare it shouldn't be an issue.
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  • I switched at 25wks. It wasn't ideal, but it worked out fine.
  • We moved when I was 28 weeks. My original OB gave me a copy of my records to carry with me (we drove from CA to GA). When we got here, I chose an OB and they had me bring in my records for the doctor to look at and see if she wanted to take me on as a patient. I had no complications so they had no problem taking me on so late. If you are high risk, I would call around before moving just to make sure someone will consider taking you.

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  • We moved at 32w.
  • Are you prime or standard? Will you be moving near a military facility at all? The reason I ask is that sometimes if you're leaving from a MTF they can be a pain about taking records by hand - go to medical records, and INSIST that you HAVE to hand-carry because you are late in your pregnancy, will need to be seen immediately, and you HAVE to have your records with you. They will let you, they'll just throw a fuss about it first.

    Then, when you get to the other side, if you're being seen at an MTF and they say they can't get you in immediately, make sure to call the patient care representative at the hospital - they will make sure you are seen ASAP or they will get you a referral off base so that you can be. If you're being seen civilian, just call around to the different Tricare providers and find one who is willing to work with you and get you in immediately for a "getting to know you" appointment so that if something goes wrong they'll already know you.

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  • I switched at 27 weeks. My OB wanted my records to review first, and then I was accepted as a new patient.
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  • Regardless of having tricare/being military if at any point in time throughout your pregnancy you need to switch OBs you can. You are NOT stuck with some crappy jerk of a doctor at 25 weeks just because you have been seeing him that long. 
    If for any reason you want to switch, you can. Moving included. 
    Now it may be different if you were going on base with Prime, you may have to switch to standard to but you are able to do it.

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  • I'm concerned about this too becuase I dont know how to get the records transferred because I've required frequent monitoring.  Hopefully it can be a smooth transition for you.
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  • I switched around 20 weeks and have met ladies here that were switching around 30 or so weeks.  Totally doable. 

    Bring a copy of your OB records with you to the new OB.

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  • When I was pregnant with DD, we PCS'd and I was about 33ish weeks.  The only thing was the doctor in our town wanted to meet with me first before he said ok.  Most doctors in military towns are aware that this happens and are usually sympathetic to it.  Worse case, if this doctor hadn't taken me, I would have had to drive an hour into Jacksonville to be seen by someone.  Thankfully, my new PCM here was so awesome about it and advocated for me to make sure I was being seen and taken care of.
  • We PCS'd back to America from England when I was 30 weeks. No biggie. Bring your OB record with you or have it faxed to the new practice. If you're switching Tricare regions make sure you do that and get the referral process started.
  • I'm switching at 33 weeks and then again at 38 weeks. Not ideal, but it's what's best for our family. I made sure that the OB would take me at 38 weeks and am sending my medical records to her ahead of time through 31 weeks. I just traveled 2,000+ miles and made sure that I hand carried my medical records with me just in case we had a problem.
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