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Feeling Blah

I spoke with my OBGYN about these feelings and she sorta brushed them off, saying I am exhausted with having a 2 1/2 year old and a infant. But, since having my daughter 9 months ago, I have just been feeling blah. Not sad or angry but just not as happy or as passonate about things as I used to.  I find myself to be more negative than I ever was in the past. 

I also find that my memory is terrible, I used to remember everyone's birthdays and events, for example when friends had doctor's appointments or something important, I would always remember to wish them luck. Now, I find myself not even paying attention when people are talking to me. My mind wanders and I often ask people questions that they just answered because I don't focus on what people are telling me.  Because of this, I have become a little more antisocial.

I find that I don't get excited about things. I love being with my girls and that gives me pleasure. But, DH and I seem to be like 2 ships that pass in the night. We get along fine, but just don't seem to have the same connection and we hardly ever have any sex anymore. And when we do, I find I am forcing myself to do it for his sake and for the sake of our marriage...

I thought if I started running and eating better, it would help me get my feelings and emotions in check a bit, as exercise and good diet has always been a pick me up in the past.  But, I haven't noticed much of a change (other than loosing 6 lbs!!!) 

This just isn't me.  I want my old happy, friendly, positive, perky, outgoing, passionate self back. I don't know what to do!?!? Any thoughts/advice?  Have any of you experienced these feelings?  What helped?  

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  • I'm having the same problems. I used to be a super happy person and since having my son I'm just like you said blah. I have to force myself to act happy. My memory sucks and it's to the point at work I have to write everything down. 

    What you said is exactly the way I am. I talked to my doctor about it and he wants me to exercise 3 times a week. But with a 5 month old, husband, working full-time and grad school, I'm exhausted to say the least. I'm still trying to find something that will work for me. Also my doctor gave me a Rx and I've been on it for a few days now. It seems to be helping. I also find that if I can talk to someone outside or my family (husband, mom, dad, ect) it helps. An outsider looking in is helpful. My local board has been a big help with others going through or have gone through some of the same things. If you want to talk you can send me a personal message. I know this wasn't much help but know you aren't alone in your feelings.  

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  • Seriously, you need to talk to your Dr about this again and if he/she brushes it off again, find a Dr that is willing to listen. This is exactly how I felt after having DD#2 and I chose to ignore it for 2 years until I got very bad. The way that you are feeling is more than just being tired. You need to get the passion back in your life and you need a Dr that will support you in that.
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  • I am feeling exactly the same way.  I am trying to work up the courage to call the doctor to talk about it and see what we can do to help me. 


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