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Psych/Therapist reviews in NKY or South Cincy?

I am looking for a good therapist/psych that can help me with my grieving over my friend who committed suicide a few months ago. If you have experiences with any in NKY or south Cincy that you would recommend or not please answer here or PM me. Thank you!

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Re: Psych/Therapist reviews in NKY or South Cincy?

  • There is a place called the Eve Center in the Silverton area (there's another location in Price Hill). They offer free counseling/therapy to women on a huge variety of issues - depression, eating disorders, recovering from divorce, etc... and I'm sure they would be able to help you with this. I used to go there when I was recovering from an eating disorder. It was really wonderful to have someone to talk to, who understood what I was going through (they match you to a therapist based on what your issue is), it was free. (can't make a clicky, I'm sorry) 
    Good luck!
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  • I don't have any specific recommendations as far as a practioner goes but have you ever considered doing group therapy in addition to one on one? I used to run a grief and loss group for teens and I know that a lot of my clients said they got more out of the group setting than they did one on one with their individual therapists. Just another idea and I know that most support groups are free of charge.
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