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How many kids vs. teachers in class?

My son's 4 year old preK class has 18 kids and 1 teacher and 1 aide. What is the ratio if your childs class?

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Re: How many kids vs. teachers in class?

  • 15, 1 teacher and 1 aide

    3YO PreK

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  • My son's class has 10 kids enrolled with one teacher and an aide.  Their class can have a limit of 15 kids. Sometimes they get new kids during the school year (Catholic school).
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  • griffin's class had 17 kids and 2 teachers.
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  • DD's 4 y/o PreK has 20 kids and 2 teachers.  It is at its maximum and no other children will be added unless someone leaves.
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  • DD has 9 kids, 1 teacher, and 1 aid.  The max for k3 at her school is 10 kids per class.
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  • DD's class last year was 15 kids: 2 teachers + 1 aide.

    This year I know the #s go up but I'm not sure what exactly. I know for sure 2 teachers and I think 18 kids.

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  • 4 kids per adult.  There are 11 kids and 3 teachers.  It is a special type of program though.
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  • DS' school has a cap of 15/class.  The big class has 13 w/1 teacher and 1 aide.  The smaller class has 7 w/1 teacher.  I don't know where the threshold is for adding the aide though.

  • 13 kids - one teacher, one aid.

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  • 2 teachers(one is the main teacher) with 20 kids.
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  • DS's prek has a max of 21 kids and 3 teachers.

    I taught pre-k while I was in college and I had 16 alone.

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  • This was a selling point of our preschool, and I pay more than other preschools, but it is worth it to me forthe class sizes. 2s class 8 to 1, 3s class 10 to 1, pre-k 10 to 1, kinder 12 to 1
  • One lead teacher, one assistant teacher and 12 kids.  The class will probably grow to no more than 15 kids before the end of the school year.  
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  • He'll be in the "young 3's" class.

    13 kids, 1 teacher, 1 aide and the school has 1 floater that helps as needed in different classrooms.

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  • Last year in preK 4 DS had 15 kids and 2 teachers. 
  • Ds is in preK-3 (three year old class). They have 1 lead teacher and 2 assistant teachers (all have education degrees) for 30 kids so a 1:10 ratio. His "young 3" class had a limit of 18 kids with two teachers for a ratio of 1:9.
  • preK-3, 20 students, 1 teacher, 1 aide
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  • 9:1 in DD's 4 yr class as well.  (18 kids total).  I think it's fine.  Good prep for KG, IMO. 
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  • My DS goes to a Lutheren prek and last year (the 3 yo class) there were 2 teachers, 1 aide and the director that lead devotion, plus "Pastor" that came in for special occasions, etc.. so he had 5 regular "teachers".  This year will be basically the same except the 4 yo class does their devotion in the chapel with "Pastor"..

    12-15 kids total... i feel its a really nice ratio and that i get what a pay for :)

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