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Free therapists? Is there such thing?

Does anyone know if there is such a thing as discounted or free therapists/psychologists? I think I need to speak with someone about my friend's suicide, but I can't afford 100 bucks a session with a new baby on the way, a current 7 month old, and me not working.
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Re: Free therapists? Is there such thing?

  • Some insurance companies cover psychiatric counseling. Do you have insurance that might cover it? You may need a referral for that, though.

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  • Some insurance companies will bring the $ down to $25. My friend has a counselor that w/o insurance, charges $30/visit. She likes her. If you're interested, I'll find out her info. I assume she's located north of Kenwood.
  • I echo PP's - do you have health insurance? Many insurances policies cover mental health practitioners minus your applicable co-pay. Moreover, my employer offers an Employee Assistance Program (through CIGNA), which covers the cost of the first 3-5 visits if you use a preferred provider. Maybe you have a similar program through your S/O's employer?
  • If you don't have insurance coverage all therapist take an oath to offer affordable services.  So they will provide services based your income and a sliding scale.

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  • Thanks ladies. DH called insurance and they cover it for a 15 buck co-pay. Thank goodness. My last insurance didn't and each session was 100 bucks.
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