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Has anyone done a class with them? I'm thinking of taking a class with my 1yo while my older child is at school, just curious what others' experiences have been.

TIA for any responses!

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  • We took classes from 6-24 months and loved them. Lots of fun.  Great way to connect with your baby and other moms.  Having the home kit was nice, too.  I really didn't know too many kids songs till we went to Kindermusik.  Then I had dozens.  (When DD was a newborn I found myself belting out old Smith's songs from the 80s. If she ends up depressed it's my fault.  ;)

    Most offer trial classes... definitely check some out.  Some of the instructors really  stand out.

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  • LOVE Kindermusik. All 3 of my kids have done it - DS is still doing it.

    And all of them ask for the CD's to be played. 

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  • I did a similar program with my older DD.  Now that she is in morning preschool, I get to have fun with my youngest.  Our starts next week and I am so excited!
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  • We have done two sessions and just started another today. It's a lot of fun. DS was so happy to go today. It's expensive, but DS gets a lot out of it (a great small social setting for him!), so for us it's worth it (my dad gave this to us as a gift last Xmas).
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  • IMO, it totally depends on the teacher!  We had two awful teachers/experiences.  One of our teachers - 50ish grandmother type - lectured me about all the damage I was doing to dd because I told her "no" as she was destroying a fake tree in the room.  Not just playing and messing with it, but pulling it apart and tearing it up!  She told me I was lazy and there were better ways to deal with the situation.  All the time she was talking to me in a sugary sweet fakey voice.  It took all I had not to punch her in the nose!  Needless to say that was our last class.

    That said, I think the program has the potential to be great.  I wish they had the sing and sign class when dd was younger. 

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