A FEAR moment, a big diagnosis, a tiny bummer, a crazy drive and a treat;0) — The Bump
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A FEAR moment, a big diagnosis, a tiny bummer, a crazy drive and a treat;0)

1)The other day, doc could NOT find heartbeat.  Bc of my size, I didn't freak.  Until I had to go sit and wait for U/S.  At that point, I am thinking of my two friends who lost babies at 20 weeks.  So, I start to panic inside.  And then she put that wand on my belly, and there's LO putting hands to face and wiggling around.  Whew. 

2)  In other news, please pray for me.  The insulin keeps being upped, but so do my STUPID NUMBERS!  Also, as we were talking about different ideas for med combos, doc talked about stopping metformin.  He was like, "That is used to treat PCOS(among other things), but that's not our issue right now."  Me: "Wait.  What?  You think I have PCOS?"  Him:"Well, yes of course.  But that's not what we need to focus on right now."  In my head---  But it's a BIG FOCUS TO ME!!!  You just gave me a HUGE diagnosis!!!  And SO MUCH makes sense!  No WONDER it took 3 years and metformin for me to get pregnant, thank you very much.  Also, I am TERRIFIED of stopping metformin right now.  With my m/c, I stopped it(with BFP as directed) and lost the baby that week.  Now, it is almost guaranteed not the cause.  But wouldn't YOU wonder and be afraid????


2)  Went to Toy R Us on way home and was bummed, bc it's an hour away and I rarely go.  It's the Only place with "Expectant Mom" parking.  And they were all full.  Silly, but kind of a bummer bc it makes me feel happy to park there and get out with belly and DS;0)  The simple pleasures....


3)  Drove 9 HOURS yesterday, on a National Lampoon's drive with Murphy's Law all the way to my sister's house to hang with her and her five kids and go to 400 soccer, football and cheer activities.  The drive included a atop in the middle of the mountains at a fun, little place.  This is where I took a bite of the burger.  And then threw it up AT THE TABLE.  LOL  And now, my legs look like sausages from swelling.

4)  My sis makes amazing homemade spaghetti sauce.  And she's canning me some to take home;0) 

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Re: A FEAR moment, a big diagnosis, a tiny bummer, a crazy drive and a treat;0)

  • That's a lot of things. Glad they found baby wiggling away on the u/s. And I am surprised they didn't discuss the PCOS diagnosis long ago, seeing as you took so long to get pregnant. It's good that you know now for the future.

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  • WOW!

    1. Sweet for a funny little baby waving at you saying "Here I am Mom, don't worry!"

    2. Maybe try to post this over on PAIF, some of those ladies may be able to let you know about metformin, PCOS and what not.

    2 (part 2). Darn the luck!  This makes me think I should start grocery shopping again; you know, just so I can park in those spots. Big Smile

    3. LONG DAY!  It made me tired just reading it, and then a little sad for your dinner loss.

    4. I wish I knew how to can!  DH makes some good spaghetti sauce.  Enjoy there is nothing like it!


    "When the world says, 'Give up,' Hope whispers, 'Try one more time.'" -Anonymous

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  • Glad your u/s went well!

    From my understanding, there's not much used to diagnose PCOS besides symptoms.  I took Metformin my first tri.  I've had four losses before this, and never made it to the point to stop Metformin.  I was also nervous to stop it but things have been fine.  I started Metformin years ago for insulin resistance, but PCOS was never brought up until I started miscarrying.

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  • You can be diagnosed with PCOS a bunch of different ways, but I'm really surprised if you already had insulin issues they didn't investigate that further!  I have a lot of the outward symptoms - acne, hair, no periods, but one doctor wouldn't even test me because I wasn't overweight (which is a big symptom, apparently).  My current OB ran a bunch of sugar and hormone tests, and those didn't obviously show PCOS either.  I didn't officially get diagnosed until an u/s showed a ton of cysts all over my ovaries - but I would have told you ten years ago I have PCOS if I'd known what it was then!

    Going off metformin didn't cause your m/c.  It most likely wasn't even related to your PCOS, though PCOS can put you at a higher risk of m/c (if it's not controlled - like yours was by the metformin).  So please don't worry about that.  My m/c wasn't related to PCOS either - they were able to test and found a genetic issue.  I understand how that can be nerve-wracking though!

    Anyway, there are lots of girls on the IF boards (though I seldom go there) and PgAL who have been through it, if you need more reassurance on PCOS and carrying a healthy pregnancy.  I'm sure everything will continue to go well for you, so don't worry about the label!  You're not alone there!  :) 

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