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Cloth Diapering

Why all the assortment?

We are planning to use cloth diapers for our first child, and I'm trying to figure out what to start with as well as find some on Craigslist to try.  It seems everyone selling them has 2 of this kind, 3 of this, 2 of that, 4 of this brand, and I find that confusing.  I realize we will probably have to try a few different kinds before we figure out what works best, but how do people end up with so many different kinds and brands?  Is it kind of like clothes, where you find a design or something you like and even if it isn't your favorite brand, you buy it?  Or maybe different kinds go on sale at different times... so much to learn!

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Re: Why all the assortment?

  • Some people find that some brands are equal to fit and liking so they buy whatever is on sale.

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  • I love trying different brands so that's why I have an assortment. I also prefer different types for different situations (i.e. fitteds and prefolds at home, pockets and AI2s for out and about)
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  • I like different brands for different reasons and in different situations. It's kind of like even if Lasagna is your favorite food you wouldn't want to eat it every day.  Wink
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  • Don't feel bad- I'm a purest myself. I could never convince DH to let me try out abunch of WHAM items, and honestly, I just loved my KissaLuvs and FuzziBunz...so we stuck with those 2, plus some BumGenius for night-time diapers.

    Finding them on sale was the hard part, but we managed to buy them all at a 20% or more through various sales.

  • I like all the different prints and colors Smile
  • I'm definitely a ONE brand mama. bumGenius 4.0's work like a charm for us so I don't even want to waste money buying something else! If something's not broken - don't fix it! Or in this case try to replace it! (I do have a couple prefolds for washing days but only because I got two free covers with a big order... what good would a cover be without a prefold!?) :)
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  • Word of advice? Always check Cottonbabies.com b4 purchasing diapers on craigslist/ebay/spots corner b/c you can usually get new diapers for just a few dollars more in cottonbabies clearance section.  I have made my stash of 95% bumGenius 3.0?s that are on clearance and 3.0 one size that I?ve gotten super super cheep at spots corner.  Also, when buying used make sure they list what they?ve washed their diapers with.  Some detergents ruin diapers with dies, softeners and perfumes.  5% of my stash is tri-folds with econobum and flip covers so I can use a disposable insert when traveling. 

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