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Fluid levels dropped again, possibly inducing next week

I have weekly ultrasounds now and today's levels went down to 7 something from 9 last week. Midwife is calling me off work but says I can do half days since I'm sitting most of the time but I need to be home laying down mostly. Baby weighs 7.6 lbs & looks fine. They did an NST today which was normal/good & will start doing those 2 times a week now. Scheduled this friday again for NST, then tuesday next week & wednesday for u/s & check. At that point I may be induced due to fluid levels and they really are pushing me to get to 38 weeks instead of 37. Midwife stated if I was 38 weeks already I would be going this week, YIKES. I started crying in the office, I wasn't ready for this. I thought I would be working more but medically I can't now. So hopefully baby next week =)

Re: Fluid levels dropped again, possibly inducing next week

  • How exciting that you'll be meeting your LO so soon!
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  • I hope all of your appointments go smoothly over the next week and you have a super smooth delivery :)
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  • Wow, you are so close to meeting your LO!
    Two years, two rounds of IVF, AH, ICSI & Acupuncture brought us sweet baby G born 10/20/11

  • Wow!  You are going to be meeting your little one so soon!  I hope you're able to keep him in there as long as it's safe for him to stay.  :)

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