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? about eating issues

Frustrating. truly frustrating.

My 3yr old has ALWAYS had some really strange aversions/issues with food. She will NOT eat anything wet. (soups, yogurt, applesauce, milk in cereal) pretty much anything requiring a spoon. - this is nothing knew. This is since she went off baby food (9 mo).

She won't eat things like Pizza (sauce), won't dip things in sauce/ketchup, won't eat spaghetti with sauce, etc. She also won't eat butter on things- she will only eat dry toast.

She ONLY eats veggies and fruits with gusto. No problems and would eat an entire head of broccoli in a second. Also no problems with proteins and grains. will eat all kinds of meat (as long as no sauce).

It makes going out to eat a nightmare.

Will this shake out?

She is on the petite size about 29lbs. - The doctor is always pushing extra calories and such- but it is beyond difficult.

I try to just roll with it- but it is so frustrating.

Any suggestions or advice?




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Re: ? about eating issues

  • i would try to have her make something with you, sometimes if they make it themselves they are more willing to try it. if you make cake or brownies, will she lick the spoon? also see if she is willing to touch things with her hands even if not to put it in her mouth. touch the cake batter and compare it the feel of the cake once it is baked. see if she wants to taste the before and after to see if they taste different to her. Kids can be picky eaters. she may or may not grow out of it, i would not force anything but I would offer everything and many many times.
  • My 3 yo is extremely picky also.  She doesn't like most sauces, but will eat yogurt or spaghetti.  There is such thing as texture issues.  My cousin's kid was diagnosed with something when she was about 3 or 4.  I'm not sure what it was called but it had to do with texture of foods.  I think she has pretty much grown out of it but she is still really skinny-she's 11 now.  I give my DD Pediasure to help her get the nutrients she needs.  She will actually drink it-only the chocolate one though.

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  • I would just roll with it as base at you can.  Most any restaurant you go to will make a plan pasta with no sauce or butter (my niece is a very picky eater).  My sister was always very picky eater and small but as an adult, she now eats a ton of stuff.  SOunds like with her fruits, veggies and meats, she is doing great.  I would either keep something with me when you go out to get her by or just order plain pasta and veggies,.
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