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Back from Europe

Two weeks ago LO and I flew to London where we met up with K.  She's been gone for six months so when I saw her I of course burst into tears.  We then spent the next four days doing tourist stuff in London.  After that we flew to Portugal where we rented a place in a small town outside of Lisbon.  It was perfect!  We walked to the beach, strolled the streets, dined outside. 

DD was such a trooper!  She rode in taxis, on subways, boats, planes, trains and buses.  We dragged her up mountains and out to concerts.  She LOVED the beach and enjoyed 'talking' to everyone we met.

This was the longest amount of time K and DD has spent together since K left for this job over a year ago.  It took them a few days to find their rhythm but then they had their own little games.  It was such a joy to watch.  Oh and K is officially 'ma-ma'....and yet I still have no name :-p

Hope everyone here is doing well! :-)



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