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Do I need to send something with this snack?

I'm making Frozen Monkey Tails (frozen 1/2 banana dipped in chocolate on a popsicle stick) for DS' first snack day.  I'm also adding a layer of peanut butter between the banana and chocolate for a little protein.  (FTR, his class is not peanut free b/c they're in a separate building with no allergies...already asked. Smile)  Each student gets chocolate or white milk from the cafeteria too. 

I had planned to send just the Monkey Tails, but now I'm wondering if that's enough.  They're only there for 3hrs, so part of me says it should be ok.  I just don't want them to be hungry, and I know how much MY KID is capable of eating, which is way more than average.  On the other hand, I don't want to send so much that it gets wasted either.  Should I add something else to go with it?  Maybe some whole grain crackers or string cheese?


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  • I think it's fine, personally neither of my kids would eat more than that. If it's simple to add some crackers it would provide a nice alternative but I don't think it's necessary from a will they be hungry standpoint.
  • I don't think you need to send anything else either.  If you are worried though, I think the crackers or string cheese would be fine with it.
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  • Nope.

    Just that.


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  • I wouldn't send anything else.

    At our school, we only ever bring fruit for snacktime (except for birthdays), but I know the teachers always have extra snacks like crackers or pretzels in case the kids don't like whatever the parent brings.

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  • It sounds good, but maybe send in a big box of cheerios in case.  Worst case scenario - you get Cheerios back!
  • Thanks ladies!  I just never know how much a "normal" kid eats.  My DS eats as much as I do at times, and I'm not exactly a light eater. 

    FWIW, they turned out really cute.  DS chose tiny, multicolored sprinkles to put on them, so I added a small dash to each one (not too many...they're already messy enough).  I hope the kids like them.  DS is excited.

  • Yea!  The kids loved them!  I'm glad that I didn't send anything else b/c that was plenty (too much for some of them).  I walked in, and they all started acting like monkeys...too cute!
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