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Help, does your prek'r take a nap?

Before Prek started Rowen would take a nap about 80% of the time. When he naps, he naps hard, for like 2 hours! But then it's hard to get him to sleep at night. Now he is exhausted when he comes home from school (8:30-2) He is so grouchy that there is no way I can hold off on a nap.

If we cut out the nap he is a bear. If he naps he doesn't go to bed early. Oh and when I wake him up from a nap he litterally will not get up.. Any advice?

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Re: Help, does your prek'r take a nap?

  • DS's school doesn't do naps.  They have a prek 3 & 4 class, and they don't do naps.  He's outgrowing it anyway, and next year I'm going to stop forcing him to take one.
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  • Sounds a lot like my 3 year old. I'm at a loss as to what to do with him too. 
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  • We just wake Harmon up after a while.  Make sure it doesn't last too long so his bedtime is not messed up.
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  • We are in the same exact place.

    Our daycare (DS1 goes to PreK3 in the AM then to daycare) has a nap after lunch. So, its a fight to get him to bed at night but if he doesn't nap he is a pill in the evenings!!!  

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  • Sounds like he still needs a nap if he's grouchy without one.  I'd let him nap but make it a short one.  Maybe 45 minutes.  Try making it "fun" to wake up by giving him a soft children-type alarm clock or an alarm that he can choose from your cell phone clock.  (Nothing frightening or too loud, though.)  He may find feeling and acting like a grown-up with an alarm exciting and the wake up call may be fun for him.  
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  • Mine naps some of the time but typically not for more than an hour.  Most days she just has quiet time - in her room and she has some books she reads.  They do this at her PreK program everydaty for 2 hours so she is very used to it.
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