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My DD is loving preschool!

Betsy started preschool Aug. 15 with a little bit of anxiety and a lot of fear and wanting to stay home with me.  This was her first time in a school setting and away from me for 4 hours straight.

But...she is thriving there!  She would never participate in library storytime and now she is singing songs all the time and even doing the hand motions.  She is asking me to spell words for her and correctly naming the letters she sees in a word.  It is so cute to hear me tell her about her day at random moments.

It is so sweet when she says goodbye to her teacher and blows her a kiss.  Even sweeter when the teacher says I love you back to her! 

I am so happy for her! 

Momma to 2 sweet girls here on earth and a precious baby boy in heaven

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