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Hi there, I figured it was time I join up on the prek board as I have already gained helpful info from lurking. I have a 4 yo, 1 yo, and newborn. My 4th is beginning his third year at Montessori and we love it. I am a teacher in a semi rough elementary. The problem I am dealing with now is my 4yo temper. He is sweet as pie than will have a complete meltdown over nothing. Example, last night after a great night he wigged out bloody murder screaming about wanting his blanketcand getting pj on. It woke up the baby and pry the neighbors. I ordered the Explosive Child nook in the hopes it might have some suggestions. I know he has a lot of my dh temperament and I really don't want their stubbornness to cause them to come to blows down the road. He is not like this at school, mainly when he's over tired. Is this normal? My dh thinks he's not right, I think he's fine and can usually pinpoint a trigger, but I want to work on bring more proactive than reactive. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

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