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Cute swim/beach towels

I wanted to get DD a nice beach towel - something for swimming (even if it is during cold weather indoors).  A nice quality towel with something she likes (princess, mermaid, etc) that she could also recognize as her own (personalization would be a plus, but not necessary).

I saw some character beach towels on clearance at walmart for $5, not my fave, but then when I got home I looked up beach towels and they are all so expensive!  Disney towels are ridiculous!!  (Tangled, Little Mermaid etc).  I checked out some other cute ones (Dora, other girly themes) and they were at least $20 each.

Any idea on where to find a decent priced one?  I guess I would be willing to pay more - or perhaps like a grandparent would like to give one as a gift - if it was very high quality (durable, large, can be personalized).  I'm hesitant to spend too much on something that is going to fade from chlorine, get dirty at the beach etc.

Re: Cute swim/beach towels

  • Kohls has great body hooded towels.  We got Harmon a duck, Cally a frog, and Rachel a butterfly.  It is amazing quality and they are warm, long, and cute.  They retail $30 a piece but watch for a sale.  I got them for $15 each.
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  • We got our monogrammed disney towels on sale at the very beginning of the season (early May?)  I wanna say they were $12 each?

    We got our super cute hooded robes that we take to the indoor pool during winter at Costco at the beginning of the season as well (also May/June?)

    I think it may just be the wrong time of year for good deals.

    Have you checked ebay?


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