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Development Dvd's

I am thinking of getting "your baby can read" and I have been looking at a few others. Has anyone used/ known anyone that has used these dvd's. What is your opinion?
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Re: Development Dvd's

  • I'm sure you will hear from parents who love this program. I was a first grade teacher before my son was born and I can whole-heartedly say, skip the Teach Your Baby to Read DVD's. It's not developmentally appropriate for babies/toddlers to be reading. They should be listening to a real person read--that is how they learn best. Read to them, talk to them, read some more...this is the best way to prepare for your child for reading. Babies/toddlers are memorizing the "words" based on shapes/colors/cues. It's not real reading. It also requires watching a video each day. Spend the money on books--board books are great for a long time! Having a "personal library" of books at home IS correlated with later reading success. :)
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  • 100% ditto PP :) FWIW, I have a MAT in Reading and Language Arts to be a reading specialist in elementary school. Exposing them to books, reading a lot, letting them be comfortable with books, etc is what's important at this age and what is needed for long-term success.

    That said, I love the Leap Frog videos (The Letter Factory, Talking Words Factory, etc..). I swear those movies are what taught DD1 all her letters and letter sounds by the time she was 2.5! LOL

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