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Any one from Ottawa?

If so when are you due and where are you giving birth? 

I am due November 20th and at the Ottawa General.. can't wait for the hospital tour. I hope its nice. :)  

Re: Any one from Ottawa?

  • I'm in Ottawa.  I'm due Feb 6, 2012 and giving birth at the Montfort (not that I speak a word of French but I've heard such good things about it that I figure it was worth trying out).

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  • I'm in Brockville... 'bout an hour west of Ottawa. My husband and I are adopting through our local CAS branch!
    Married July 11th, 2009, TTC since Summer 2010.
    Dx:mild PCOS-type symptoms, mild endometriosis. DH Dx: unexplained azoo
    Started Metformin on June 23, 2011.
    Began public adoption process on September 9, 2011. Starting PRIDE classes October 4th!
    HSG on October 18th...Blocked right tube.
    Frustrated with public adoption system, moving on to IUI
    D&C + laproscopy on Feb. 28, 2012. A few small spots of Endometriosis, all cauterized, previously blocked tube unexplained but no longer blocked.
    Starting dIUI in September 2012 SAIF/PAIF welcome

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