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Anybody work at their child's preschool?

I got a job at DD's preschool this year. She went there last year 2 days a week, and we really loved the school. They had an opening for an assistant, so I figured why not? I've been wanting to do something part time after staying home for 3.5 years, and the schedule works out perfect. DD2 will be going also in the 2's class even though she isn't quite 2 yet, they are letting me try it out.

I was just wondering if anyone had any advice for working at your child's school. DD2 will actually be in the classroom I am working in, so I'm a little nervous about how she is going to act with me.


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Re: Anybody work at their child's preschool?

  • I volunteer as the Room Parent.  I find that he acts differently when I'm around, which is why I'm glad I only have to be there for the parties.  Parties are just for the holidays....Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's, Easter, and End of the year party.
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  • I do! It is hard to be in the same classroom as my DS, but do-able. Be consistent. I had a no holding ds rule at school because it was easiest for both of us. Good luck!
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