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What Would It Take?

To get this board in full swing? I would love to chat with other moms from Alaska, it just seems like no on is ever on here!
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Re: What Would It Take?

  • I havent officially joined the alaska group but I am also from Alaska and think that it would be awesome to get to know some other ladies from here. Where in Alaska do you live?? Btw I love your little boys name. My oldest sons name is also Oliver!! :)
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  • we live in chugiak. you?
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  • Hello from Fairbanks! I rarely check this board because there is no one ever on it. I will start checking back more :)
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  • I'm in Fairbanks, too...I just started a new account because I've been doing some housekeeping in my life...I have hung out on the bump on and off for the past two years or so.  I haven't spent much time on the AK board because it is so slow...


  • Hey there, I am from Seward  AK and only about 8 weeks, first time mom to be!

    Would love to talk with othere AK pregnant women.

    FYI Realllllly bad at spelling!!!!!!!!! so please beer with me.......

  • Hey Mommas!

    I'm from Anchorage, and due in November with our first! Would love to keep up with other local mommas!



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  • I live in Anchorage, pregnant with my first and am 20 weeks along.  I would love to get to know other people on these boards.  Hopefully we can make the Alaska Board more active. 
  • I have a five month old- and it's awesome! The 'older' he gets the more fun he is.

     We live in Eagle River.

    Where are you Anchorage women delivering? We were at Alaska Regional and had an amazing experience.

     I don't usually check on this board since there is never anything going on... but I'll check again later!! :)

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  • i am in fort wainwright, ak. just found out i was pregnant and will be checking on this site more often. :)


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  • Congrats!  I hope you have a healthy and happy pregnancy...
  • We just pre-registered at Regional yesterday. Toured both Prov. and Regional and are so thankful our insurance gives us a choice. We MUCH prefer Regional for delivery and momma baby.
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  • we are going to be a first time family in November,they have our due date as thanksgiving,we are from north pole
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  • Hi Im Kassie I had my DD, Makaia 8-27 of last year. She is my first, I also have a 4 yr old step son. DH and I will be TTC #2 Summer 2012.
    **~Future Mama to my June "Sprout"~**
    EDD- 06/13/2017
    **Stinkerbelle-8-27-10 * Mr.P's 2nd Mama 7-27-07**
    TTGP's 2013 Sweetest Bumpie <3 

  • Candi from Anchorage here. I honestly did not know there was an Alaska board until this morning. I have a 5 month old son and he is the most awesome man in my life. Getting ready to move back down to the lower 48 for a few months so my LO can meet his family for the first time but I will be back ladies and i hope all you lovely pregnant women have happy and healthy pregnancies and all of the mommas out there enjoy this disgusting weather we seem to be having lately!




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