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Anyone else with a super frustrated LO?

DS has been interested in his books and toys for a while but in the last week or two his interest has tripled to the point of frustration.  He doesn't want to lie down or sit to play anymore; rather, he must be "walked" around the house so that he can stand over his toys and reach for them.  Then, when he can't just stand and play with them or bend down easily (we try to bend him down) to explore them the way he wants to with his noobish little hands, he gets frustrated.  DH or I will sit him down right in front of the toy but it's not good enough.  He was the same way at his cousin's house this wkd.  He wanted so badly to play with her toys but just wasn't big/physically coordinated/strong enough yet and he got so mad.

Is anyone else dealing with this?  What do you do to appease them?  DH and I keep saying that we can't wait for him to crawl so that he can at least propel himself where he wants to go (even if it isn't where we want him to go!).  At that point, he should also be a little bigger and slightly more dexterous as well.

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Re: Anyone else with a super frustrated LO?

  • I think with him being so frustrated, he'll be crawling in no time! Yikes right? My LO is frustrated she keeps rolling on her tummy but not with her toys just yet. She's definitely letting me know what she doesn't want lately, haha.
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