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I remember you posting before about your DD and the up n up generic (and just saw on a different board). We had the exact same issues. Do you think you'll ever try a different brand generic? I would love to save the money, but with the awful constipation I just am scared now. I have no idea if he would react the same way to Parent's Choice or some other one and feel guilty for even wanting to try. Just wondered if you ever thought about it. 
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Re: **Scout**

  • Honestly, probably not, as much as I would love to save some money. I'm in a "if ain't broke" mindset now with her, as she's doing so well on name brand.

    However, I would for sure try it with the next kid. Many do well on it, and it's worth the attempt. I have no issue with generics as a concept, it just didn't work for DD.

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