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Girls name: Alana

For a hypothetical baby girl. Opinions? Other suggestions? Spelling: Alana, allana, Alanna, Alanah Thanks

Re: Girls name: Alana

  • I love the name Alana
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  • I think it's ok. I definitely think you should spell it Alana. The other two look odd. 
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  • Love it.  It was on our list if we had a girl.

  • Love it! but maybe i'm biased because it's my name (exact spelling). Every where I go, people tell me how beautiful my name is. I get a lot of people that say "Alaina or AlAna (like savannah, with the stress on the 2nd A) but wcyd? Good luck!
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  • I like Alana. I think it's very pretty. I also love Alaina, but it's SIL's sister's name and that would be weird if we used it.
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  • Yes I like it spelled Alana.

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  • Thank you for the help. So nice to hear from someone with the name as well.
  • I like it.  I always pronounce it Alanna but I've also heard it pronounced Alayna.
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  • I'm not a fan of this name because of all of the spelling variations and pronunciations.  Elena/Alana/Elaina/Alaina/Alanna, etc.  To me it's not a special name because there are too many variations of it if that makes sense. 
  • Love it! Alana or Alannah
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  • imageHannahO28:
    I think it's ok. I definitely think you should spell it Alana. The other two look odd. 

    Yes I agree. The only variation I could possibly see would be Alaina.



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  • That's my sister's name.  She always got lots of compliments on it and never really had any trouble with getting people to spell it right since it's spelled Alana. 
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  • I like Alanna.

    I like these too:


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